Friday, May 7, 2010

Highbanks Run Columbus Ohio

I drove over to meet Mikey for a trail run in the evening. We met at Highbanks Metro Park, a very nice park right in the middle of surburbia/corporate headquarters.

I pulled into the parking lot, amazed to see all these cars.. I'm used to park lots being completely empty. We got some folks to take our pics, and off we went!

Mike directed us where to go, and we ran and ran. And talked and talked. It was so good to be out there with my dear friend, it's been too long since our last trail session!!

To the woman, walking alone, with music in her ears: I'm not sorry we scared you barrelling down the trail. It is NOT a good idea to walk by yourself, in the Columbus area, with no ideas of your surroundings. It wasn't like Mike and I were being quiet, by any means!!

We ran into the dusk, still talking and having a great time. Highbanks is a very nice park, there was a nice selection of different trail conditions out there.
We stopped after 7.3 miles, instead of pushing on for a few more.

That probably was for the best, as I was nodding quite a bit on my drive home! Thanks Mikey, for the trail run, love you!!!


  1. I had a great time! Funny thing, that lady was so irrelevant to me I didn't even notice we scared her...I just saw her as an obstacle to detour around...LOL.

  2. Gosh darn it, I had just been at Highbanks late that day myself! I work right across from there and wish I'd known you guys were around, I'd have joined ya! --- Lisa


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