Saturday, May 1, 2010

No MMT for Me

The Massanutten 100 Mile Trail Race is one of the hardest races in the Eastern United States. Located in the George Washington National Forest in Virginia, it is a rugged trail race.

The race has become so popular entries are now drawn via a lottery system. I did not get in the race. I was also, originally, number 82 (I think) on the wait list. Ha! No way I would be getting in. I set my training goals to finish the Laurel Highland Trail for my spring race.

About one month ago, a co-worker asked me to work her Sunday shift, May 16. That was the weekend of MMT, but I was now around wait list # 42, so I agreed to switch shifts.

Fast forward a couple more weeks....the wait list is now moving!!! And moving! Pebble is in. Corey is in. And I'm now #6 on the wait list!

I withdraw my name from the list. Argh. I believe it was serendipity. I am not prepared for the more vigorous mountains of Virginia. But having the work commitment made it much easier to bear, being this close to being lucky (or unlucky, depending on how you look at it!!!)

So, next year. The plan is this. Go to Virginia sometime this year and experience the mountains. See if I think I can tackle them. Enter lottery. If I don't get on the original list, and my wait list number is 82 or less, plan the time off and EXPECT to get into the race. And train, baby, train!!


  1. Good plan. You can conquer MMT; No doubt. At least you'll have a year to get ready!

  2. Just found your blog when I was looking for trails near Columbus for a friend of mine... Love it. :-)

    Crewed for my boyfriend at MMT this weekend, and I can say just from what I saw at the aid stations... RUGGED. I admire ANYONE that attempts this run, and I sincerely hope you get to go next year.


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