Monday, May 3, 2010

Salt Fork Trail Run-Orange Loop

Off after working the weekend, Sunday night I was busy trying to think where I wanted to run on Monday. But after waking up on Monday, the rain had stopped and I knew I was going to the trails.

The orange loop at Salt Fork is a bridle trail. They started 'working' on it last fall,with a bull dozer. Well, I had hoped the trail would have settled down by now, but it's still rather rough. With all the rain over the weekend, this made the running around the sides of the hills very difficult.
In addition, no one has been doing any maintenance on this trail. (Sounds like I need to bring the machete and do some work.)

Really, there is a trail here!

It was rough going in the first two miles or so of the trail. I wore capris, knowing I would be in for some briars, but I still got my legs cut up good.
They have added trail markers on this trail, and I started checking my watch against them. Hmm. They may be fairly accurate. To my surprise, this trail is 9 miles. I've always thought it was "around" 6 miles-hey!! I'm not as slow as I thought I was!!

I meant to do two loops on this trail, but after the briars and mud slicks, I knew I would not repeat it. (And knowing it was 9 miles long, not 6 miles!) I then ran from my vehicle over to the Stone House Nature Trail. This ends over at the "Stone House" a local tourist attraction. I was guesstimating this trail as about 1 mile over and back. I checked the official map of the park and found I was close, at 1.8 mile loop. So, given the run over to the Stone House Loop, of 1.8 miles, I got a good run of 12.6 miles in 3.02 for the day.


  1. That trail need's some work done to it that's for sure. Not just anyone is going to hike it, if they can't see it! Hahaha

  2. Ok, I just noticed it now - but wow, I really like teh new template. Very cool looking!

    Ironically enough, it seems to match some of those trail pictures as well!

  3. My fiancee and I just tried to hike the Orange Loop trail yesterday. On the trail map, it doesn't state how long the trail is, just that it's a bridle trail. Interesting to know it's 9 miles.

    However, I am really confused on something. Where the trail meets an asphalt road which travels along the lake, the orange loop trail picks up on the right hand side quite a ways down the road. We followed this and about an hour later, some how ended up back on the asphalt road and we didn't turn around or travel on land we didn't already cross. We have no idea on how we ended up back on the asphalt road. Do you know of a spot where someone could easily hike a mini loop? Where did we miss the turn?

    By the way, the Orange Loops trail after the asphalt road needs some serious work now. There are at least three good sized trees blocking the trail and at least one of those trees had the trail markers on them which are now at ground level.


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