Monday, June 14, 2010

Race Grade

I give myself a "B" for race performace. This was an above average performance for me. I keep steadily moving forward. I passed people on uphills. I power walked for the most part when walking.

Equipment was F for Fail. I wore Drymax socks this time. In past long races, I have worn Injinjis and taped the bottoms of my feet. As I have not been having blister issues in 50K and marathon races, I decided to wear the Drymax. This was my race stopping mistake.

I would have to say C- or D for hydration/nutrition. I was eating an Endurolytes cap every hour. In retrospect, I probably needed more. My face and arms were coated in salt. I was eating a gel around every hour, and eating at the AS. But the idea is not to stay at the AS. Getting water into the packs took time, and I was eating about a 1/4 or a 1/2 PBJ and then heading out. I'm sure everyone was dehydrated with the weather. Getting the hydration out of balance may have been a factor in my blisters.


  1. girl you are one tough cookie. I admire your determination. Hope those feet feel better!

  2. Thank you for the excellent advice! I think you did great! You are my trail running hero!

  3. It's awesome to see you keep chipping away at it. I like that you're will nail it!


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