Saturday, July 10, 2010

People on the Trails!!!

I ran at Salt Fork State Park today, Saturday. What a nice day for a trail run. The big thunderstorm on Friday brought us less humidity and cooler temps.I started my run in the high 70's.

Being that it's summer time and Saturday, there were actually people and horses out on *my* trails!
I first caught up to a horse and rider around mile 3. He 'sped up' but I caught him in a 1/4 mile. He then let me go by, remarking he couldn't believe "how fast" I was moving. I didn't try to change his belief of how fast I ran; he evidently didn't realize his horse was ambling along about 1 MPH.

I ran over to the lake beach, and then started back. There was someone on the trail in front of me..and they go into a big clinch as I approach. " Hi there folks" I sing out LOUD as I continue running toward them. They disengage, and have the sense of humor to laugh with me as I pass them and say "I'm going this way, and not coming back. Carry on". I don't tell them they should move off this well travelled trail...

Being as the husband was out of town for the day, I didn't feel any pressure to get home at a certain time. I am getting very familiar with these trails closest to the lake. I would follow one trail for a few miles, then take an intersecting trail back to a water source (ie camp restroom) to refuel, and carry on. I can pretty much carve out a run where I am not double backing on myself with these trails.

Very nice day on the trails!!


  1. It's a great summer for trail running, enjoy!

  2. I'd like to run around Salt Fork sometime...looks pretty.


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