Monday, July 5, 2010

Training Commences! Again!

After Laurel Highlands, I ran about...3 miles until yesterday. The blisters helped make that less "guilt-free" but I had noticed way back before vacation that the mileage would take a serious dive. It took me a little bit of time to not feel guilty. I'm just one of those worriers who think they will blow all physical endurance. So I did okay with practically no running and not freaking out.

I did, however, step on the scale yesterday-ouch, up six pounds! (I had actually dropped another lb before I left on vacation, so I had a lb cushion there). I'm hoping some of that is still water retention from the air flight. This morning, though, I have logged all my food for the day into WW, back to work there! I actually don't feel that bad about the weight gain (the guilt thing again). Having lost weight successfully the last few months, I have my confidence back about being able to carve this off. And tracking all the food into the body certain helps.

I'm happy to be back to running again. My quads have been pleasantly sore..a sure sign it's time to get back to running on hills again!

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