Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Trying New Things on Race Day

Okay, we all know that's the golden rule on race day, right? Do nothing new that you haven't tried in training.
The exception to this would be a race you are using as a training run. I have the Big Bear Lake 12 Hour Trail Race this Saturday. Since I've been at low mileage since the Laurel Highlands Race in June, this is going to be a good day just to get some good miles in on a trail.

This is a 6.5 mile loop. The loop makes it very nice for drop bag status. Just one stop to plan for-and it probably will be my vehicle/tent/cooler. We camp out right at the race HQ, so you walk about 100 feet to the race start. Being able to access your own 'stuff' every 6.5 miles is convenient.

  • Perpetuem-I am going to use Perpeteum as my fuel during this run. I 've measured scoops into plastic baggies. These will be ready to go, at my cooler, just dump one into a water bottle, add water, and go. I have used Perpeteum before (hence the big jar of it.) I want to go back to using it in future races, since it will take up less space in drop bags or in my hydration pack. But since it's been over 2 years since I used it last, I think it's prudent to 'experiment' with it during the race to make sure I can still tolerate it.
  • New trail shoes. My blister problem resurfaced at LH. I do believe too big of a shoe helped lead to my foot sliding in the shoe. I bought size 9s, which do fit, but it seemed like my toe was hitting the toe box on a downhill. I had ordered a 9.5, which probably won't be here before leaving for the race. Nevertheless, I believe I will start out the race in the size 9s and see how it goes. I will bring the older shoes as back up.
  • Taping the feet-I am undecided on whether to tape or not. I won't arrive at the race site until around dark, and then will have to get my tent set up. And socialize. And remember that the race starts at 7am!
  • French press coffee-I just got a french press coffee set up. Since I'm going to be at least three camping/running scenes this summer, I would like to have coffee one step between that Coffee Singles. So today at least, I will rehearse how to use this French Press, so perhaps I can get a cup of coffee made on Saturday morning!

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  1. Good luck on Saturday. Looking forward to your report about it.


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