Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Tuesday Trail Run

You usually don't get to choose your day off each week. Tuesday, today is my day off. I got up early to get to the trail before the weather got too hot. It was a nice 70 degrees when I started. It was also foggy here at Salt Fork Lake:

My Zunie had died so I had to run without music or podcasts. I need to do this more often. I was able to amuse myself quite well on my run. I wrote blog posts, made to do lists, pondered life as I ran. I reflected on my job change from one year ago. I chose to take a step back and make personal Kim more happy, since my career was starting to make personal Kim quite uptight and stressed. I'm not on any career advancement of any sort right now, and that pleases me. I chose to focus on me and make me a happier person. It's been working.

Speaking of happy, and different worlds, I stopped to tie my shoe. And lo and behold, I nearly ended someone's else world!

This little guy was right between my feet. One inch either way and his short snail life could have been over.

A warm, actually hot run. I took the perimeter of my horse trails. We are getting short on water here. All the streams I normally cross are dry. Even the big patches of mud are hardening. I'm glad my run was mostly in the shade. The few instances I was exposed to the sun was quite unpleasant.

And, in case you are wondering, I take both the "high" and "low" trail. Today was 'up' so I started up the trail, and returned by the low trail.

And before I forget! My friend, DC Rainmaker, is having another giveaway! I wanted to plug his blog so I have another entry into his contest to give away a Garmin 110 that he reviewed, so give him a visit!

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  1. Love your pictures. The one of the trail is gorgeous!


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