Monday, August 9, 2010

Celebrate Summer!!

It's August...already!!! Get out there and enjoy the weather folks! I know it's been very hot and humid on most days, but you know what? You're not wearing mittens and a down coat!

This weekend was perfection for summer. The humidity was lower, which helped. The temperature was only in the 80s F, which also helps. Sky blue, white puffy clouds, the cicadas buzzing in the trees, the goldfinches dive bombing in the thistles.

Being a year round runner I get to observe nature up close and personal. It's fun to run by the same areas, and observe the differences. Right now, the "surprise lillies" or "naked ladies" flowers are blooming in the yards.

Apples are starting to turn red. Most trees look laden...the deer will be eating well for a short time...
Corn is tasselling...many fields are mown and hayed for the second time of the year.

And I did spot a few leaves starting to turn red!!!

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  1. Bring on the heat! Every time I start to complain, I remind myself of the long wintery months. It's been a beautiful summer! I was running Pine Lane a couple days ago and also saw a few orange leaves.


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