Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Little Victory

The lightning woke me early this morning. The rains started soon after, a torrential downpour. I rolled over in bed, thinking "well, I'm not running outside today".

Isn't that great? Since I do have the luxury of my own treadmill, I didn't think about bagging the run, just moving the location due to the weather.

Of course, it's now two hours later, and the storm has passed. I am planning on running outside. It's 72 degrees, and the humidity feels like a tropical rain forest out there. OH well!!! Still better than donning running tights, multiple shirts, ski mask, etc..!

Cheat Mountain Moonshine Madness

I have been cleared to go and volunteer at Cheat Mountain Moonshine Madness on Friday, August 27. This is a West Virginia Mountain Trail Runner Club Event; held outside of Beverly, West Virginia. This is an all-night run, starting at 9pm! I happen to be off that Friday and Saturday for work, so I am going to travel down and help out.

If anyone would want to join me, that would be cool! Race ends around 9 or 10 am on Saturday, so you would be home Saturday afternoon/evening or so.

Future Events

September is a great month for ultra running!

I now have Saturday, September 18, off so I can attend the Youngstown Ultra Trail Classic, usually referred to as the "YUT-C". I'm very happy about that, since I missed it last year due to having to work.
I'm conflicted over the other two open dates in September. My favorite 50k, the Groundhog 50K is September 11. I will be running the Ring the weekend before that (70 miles.) I'm not sure what kind of shape I will be in, so I don't know if I will be able to run the Groundhog 50K.

Looking at the next date, the Akron Marathon, I think I may run it. It's two weekends before the WV Trilogy. And besides, they sent me the little taunt postcard about my time, which is on my bulletin board right in front of me!


  1. Have you considered The Big Schloss September 25th? Musick and I are in that and it is 34 miles of sick WV and VA mountain trails.

  2. Hi Kim,
    Looking forward to meeting up with you at CMMM. Adam has scheduled me for AS 2/7 along with you and Stennes. New to trail running so I'm trying to take in as many events as I can.


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