Sunday, August 8, 2010

Trail Run Sunday

Since we didn't go up north for a family get together (the husband has a cold that he doesn't want to spread to his brand new baby niece) I decided to spend the morning running.

So off to Salt Fork I went. The temps were just in the high 60's just starting to rise.
My left hamstring felt very tight and sore as I broke into a run. I was hoping it would feel better in a few miles. I had a climb starting almost immediately, so I felt that would warm it up.

We had several bad thunderstorms in the previous week, but we're almost in drought situation here, so the water just runs off. Except in certain spots on the bridle trail. I tried to run through such a spot, and got glued to the mud. Good thing I've been tightening up on the shoe laces, or I would have just ran right out of my shoes.

It was hot in the exposed areas, but cooler in the trees. Fresh horse poop on the trail warned me of riders out in front of me, and they had pretty much spooked any of the deer around.
A slow, nice run in the woods. I need to make a note of trail mileage. This was the purple bridle trail, doing the "outer perimeter" as I call it. Around 8 miles for this loop.
End of the trail, or at least for me. You leave the bridle trail for a 'deer trail' which will lead you into the parking lot.

My right foot, on the bottom and outside is aching a bit. It's been acting up that way kind of all week long. At least tomorrow is a day off from running, so maybe the foot will feel better. I'm looking forward to sleeping in just a bit tomorrow. I've been hitting the training hard, and getting a little sleep deprived because of it. This week is a different work schedule, so maybe I can get a few more hours shut-eye-and still keep the mileage up. The Ring is almost upon me. Not many training days left!


  1. I really enjoyed your article, it looks like a great place to run. In my younger days I use to love playing in that kind of mud.


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