Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Post Run Reflections

Second day after the Ring, and I feel pretty good. I didn't get out on my bike yesterday, due to company being over. The legs are just a little stiff. The blisters are healing.

I need to work on the blister issues. I have calluses on the outside of each heel, with a blister underneath. I need to work on getting rid of those calluses. I think I need to do some shoe research, and see if I can find one with a better fit. I may try the Scarpas that I wore for a review for Trail Runner Magazine a year ago.

I'm real pleased with this comparision:

I've noted with glee the number going down on the scale, but it's gratifying to see the gut shrinking. I've lost about 20 lbs. I need to lost another 15 lbs. I'm getting faster, just by being lighter.

I need to work on my walking. I will turn one of my running days into a 'power walking' day. I have done this on the treadmill, but I need to do this outside. The tread does the work for you. I have the perfect road for this too, the private road on our property. The FAA has an road easement through our place to a FAA directional beacon adjoining us. The road has been redressed in the last year with large #1 gravel-rocky and not that pleasant to walk on-PERFECT for training!

I also need to work on going up hills more efficiently, so I will target one running day a week to do some hill repeats on.

AND I need to get back to the Hard Core Workouts! I need to get the core stronger!

Yes, I had plenty of time to think about training needs on my run Saturday.

Being on the Massanutten rocks really sparked my desire to improve and go back there again.


  1. You must live right next to the Newcomerstown VOR beacon! Used to use that one all the time when I flew a lot. Had a plane for 12 years! Nice work on The Ring and on your physical goals. Looking forward to seeing you again soon.


  2. Still feeling good the second day after is even more of an accomplishment! Way to go!

  3. Holy Moses, Kim, you are looking amazing!

  4. ran into your blog. What a difference! you look younger. I'm a larger ultra runner, you are an inspiration.

  5. Hey, I've tried keeping up with your "walk"... Who are you kidding? You don't need to work on your walking!! :) Looking great, Kim! Congrats on a great year!


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