Monday, October 18, 2010

Back to Training!

After taking most of last week off, it was time to commence training again.

I got up this morning, and took a shower. I got the coffee and checked my email. And waited for daylight. Almost 7 am, still dark outside. Why is my hair wet? Oh hell, why on earth did I take my shower already?

Ok, then it's down to the treadmill for me. I was feeling very positive about running today, I think it was due to feeling inspired by Elizabeth Hansen who ran an awesome 2.49.53 marathon in Columbus on Suunday!

I started out slow on the tread, then gradually increased the speed. I tend to run more lazily on the treadmill than outside I have noted. Today I decided not to deal with that nonsense, and turned the speed to a brisk 11 minutes dwindling back to 10 minute pace for the last mile. I am going to endeavor to not start out at a really "slow" speed on the treadmill for future runs.


  1. Don't you start off slow to warm up though? It usually takes me about a mile or so to feel like I can get a good pace down. ;)

  2. Kim, that was a whickedly awesome Trilogy down below in report, congrats!


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