Friday, October 1, 2010

Getting There

Today is my "weigh in" day on WW. Since I only do WW on-line, it is entirely up to me what day I weigh in.

I weigh myself most days. I don't think I'm obsessive about it, but getting the weight off has been a daily goal since the beginning of the year. I don't let the number bug me; lately it's been more of a delight!

So I see the numbers diminishing. Last Monday, I hit the elusive 25 lbs lost!

BUT--I don't officially weigh in until Friday. Would the weight fluctuate, or could I keep it at the 25 lbs?

We ended up going out of town on Thursday and having some great Lebanese food, and I didn't work out that day. So I didn't hit the 25 lbs last week.

This week, although journalling my food and following WW for the most part, I didn't feel like this would be a "loss" week. Which does happen, when you have been having a pretty consistent weight loss pattern. (I have been losing 1 or 2 lbs every week or so.)

So imagine my delight when I stepped on the scale, to be down a 1/2 lb, and I'm at 24.5 lbs gone!! Almost there!!


  1. Great progress and good attitude about it - nice job!

  2. Congrats Kim! Glad the hard work is paying off!

  3. Kim, nice work and GOOD for YOU!!!! It is great to hit those goals! Good luck this weekend with the Trilogy and have fun :) -- Lisa


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