Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Mike McCune

I got an early morning email from Di Shivers. A running friend of ours, Mike McCune, had passed away. Di's email, which came from Mike Jaccolenne, said Mike had been fixing a gas leak, and was overcome. I don't know whether Mike was working on the job, or at home when this happened.
Mike, and his wife, Cassandra, were very good runners in the Zanesville area scene. Mike had completed the Mohican 100 Race 7 times. Mike and Cassie were always good people to hang out with prior to a race-low key and laid back. And a good sense of humor.
Mike would frequently show up at the Mohican 100 race with a Mohawk haircut. A favorite memory of Mike was when he showed up with this head of curly-really curly hair-locks! I pretty much did not recognize him!
Another favorite memory-I didn't see, just heard about, in our pre-race bs talks. Mike consumed, from 1-5 RedBulls. He was so jacked up, he outran everybody!! for a little while. Like the first 1-3 miles or something like that. It became one of our Mohican Legends.
Sigh. Life is too short people. I'm really sorry about this, Cassandra.

I just wanted to post a few thoughts about Mike. My run around the block was ok, noting spectacular. Just some good miles in. But wow, Mike is gone. Mike was only, 10years or less, older than me? (And anyways, it seems like his death was definitely accidental.)

Life is too short folks. So enjoy that 6.4 mile run around the block, or that kind of dreaded 4 miler after a 10 hour work day. It's still a workout, you're still around, and your loved ones are still around.

Rest in peace Mike. I'm glad to have run with you.

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  1. That's horrible! You never know when it's your time. Live each day like it's your last and live without regrets.
    Sorry about your loss.


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