Wednesday, November 10, 2010


I have been assessing the rest of November and December. Although I look at each week, assess my work shifts, and then decide on a workout, I also decided I needed to pull back and look at the overall picture too. I think I need to try and push my mileage a bit.
I have a race or "event" once monthly through February. January is an actual "paid" for race. Having an event or race helps get some automatic mileage in.

I work one weekend every month which generally leads to a lighter mileage week.

So my mileage looks something like this:

This week (work weekend) 30 miles
Slim Pickins Weekend-50 mile week, push for 60
Thanksgiving Week- 40+
1st week of December-which is deer gun season-40+. Now this mileage could be set almost to zero if my time after work is tied up with cleaning and wrapping deer. Last year I believe we cut and cleaned deer on 3 days straight.
Work weekend- 33 miles
URINEO Weekend- 80 miles
Week of Christmas- 30 miles
Week of New Years- 60 push for 70
Work Week- 30 miles
Week of Jan 15- 100 K Race on January 15. 64 miles.

I do have some big weeks pencilled in. But at URINEO, I am planning on running 50 miles that day. That only leads to getting 30 miles in on other days.
This will be weather depend also. I'm staying very flexible to weather and family plans.

Planning the weekly mileage out a bit in advance will help me in deciding-and then keeping-the daily mileage runs.
For example, my husband told me Tuesday we were having friends over on Wednesday evening. That meant no run after work. That made me very determined to get my planned 6 mile run in on Tuesday after work.

Which I did! Darkness and all! This was done on the flat bike asphalt trail. As tedious as an out and back is, I think having this trail close to work will help me get miles in this winter. 6 miles, with average pace of 10.58. I was very pleased with my time and getting the full miles in.


  1. Looks great Kim. When you're struggling for motivation this winter, just listen for Mongold's voice yelling in your ear (like it will be at MMT), "Come on Kim! No walking! This is a race! Those people in front of you didn't walk this!". . . and maybe a few expletives mixed in.
    Keep it up!
    -- Adam


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