Monday, November 22, 2010

Road Running Dangers

So I survive running around the rocky trails of western PA for two days, including opening day of bear season, to draw more blood on an out-and-back here on the home roads!
I opened the door to see what the temperature was like. I was stoked to see it was between 55 and 60 degrees! Wheee, I was out the door!
A bio break called around 3 miles. A dash into the woods. I caught some briars on the leg, saw a little pinprick of blood. I glanced down a few minutes later, blood is pouring down my leg. I try to swipe it off, but all I do is smear it around. I caught some good looks from some Amish kids walking down the road to the schoolhouse!

I was pleased to see my running mileage for last week was 64.8 miles. My goal was 50, push for 60 miles. I am planning on trying to get my weekly mileage up a bit.

This week's goal is get back to journalling and following WW Points system. Well, I probably won't journal on Thanksgiving (maybe I should try though) but I don't go hog wild on that day either.

Ok! Now off to get that stretching done!


  1. You are hardcore!!! ;) Glad you were able to enjoy the nice weather.

  2. Awesome story. You are inspiring me to get my tail out there somewhere. Shopping yesterday and some work this morning but hoping for some kind of afternoon adventure (minus the blood!).


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