Wednesday, December 29, 2010

My Day Off

I finally did it. I dumped all* my running gear out, and sorted through it. I have several running skirts that don't fit any longer. I'm too small! (Hee hee hee)

I sorted everything out-bondi bands, gaiters, socks in one pile. I went through my socks, threw out six or eight Injinjis that I've worn through on the bottom. I think I am going to have to stop buying them. It's far cheaper to just tape my toes that wear a 15 dollar pair of socks 2 or 3 times and then have them wear out. Bras and underwear in another pile-yep, got rid of two bras that the elasticity has seen the better days.
Tank tops, short sleeve shirts, long sleeved shirts, separate piles. I know there are more singlet type shirts upstairs. Shorts and skirts, and long bottoms in separate piles.

I was sad to sort through my skirts! These were my original running skirts! We had been through alot together!

Now to put them away in some better order than stored previously..

I kept waiting for a warm up before my long run. I started out in a Lands End long underwear top, with a merino wool top over that. I wore long underwear under my tights.

FAIL! Within two miles, with the sun beating down, I was baking!!! I took the top layer off, felt much better. Well, at least I know that those two tops together is a nice warm layer. Good knowledge for later runs.

I also experimented with some malto dextrin/protein powder as my energy supply. This seemed to work fine, so I may be exploring this as a running food supply more.

*there's some more summer gear upstairs that I didn't feel like dealing with.


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