Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Recovery Run

I got out on the trails about noon. (I should have ate lunch first.) Gorgeous day to be in the woods!! First I followed a deer trail, then hopped back over to the main bridle trail.

Trail was a bit difficult. It reminded me of crunchy almost frozen frosting. The mud had frozen into ruts. These were more deer hoof ruts than horse hoofs.

Still, I was enjoying myself out there.
My quads were still pretty sore, and I didn't seem to get to knock the lactic acid out of them.

Around mile 5, I was tiring. Even with Heed in my hydration pack, and two gels, I was tired. Perhaps having lunch first would have helped!

So I got to the campground road, ran down it a short ways, then took a Trail Goddess shortcut over to the trail which led to my car in a short distance.

I still got 7 miles in, nice recovery run. I shared the woods with 11 deer, one turkey, numerous squirrels, and one cardinal.

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  1. sounds like the perfect recovery run

    Jay in Raleigh


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