Thursday, December 23, 2010

A Wee Bit over the Line

My first statement is, don't assume your recovery from a 50 mile run will be the same as your recovery from a 50K run. I think I'm teetering on the edge of over-training.

Or really, I haven't allowed myself recovery time from Saturday's event.

I did not run Sunday or Monday. Tuesday I got out on the trails. As I blogged earlier, I felt pretty good until mile 5, then the wheels fell off.

I spent Tuesday evening looking over the training calendar for the rest of the month and January, and fretting about not getting enough miles in this week.

Wednesday, I got up, tired. Mentally fine with getting out for my 6.4 mile run-I mean how else am I going to get my target miles in?

Quads were still feeling like bags of cement. I just had fatigue going on. Interesting enough, my time was only 7 minutes slower than my PB last week or so around the block. But I was oh so tired on this run.

Came home, had a Recoverite hot chocolate (very good) and ate a second breakfast before going to work. (Yes, I made sure I ate before the workout.)

Very tired all day at work. Got feedback from Slim that he wasn't recovered too, so that made me feel a bit better. (I did't even poll the younger guys!)

I went to bed earlier last night, but couldn't fall asleep right away. Uh oh, one of those "over training" signs. And besides, I usually fall asleep in minutes.

I did get about seven hours sleep. I woke up and took my resting heart rate. 57. Yep, I need to recover a bit more. My resting HR is usually in the 40's.

So the Christmas holiday comes at a good time. I'm going to go walk 2-3 miles on the treadmill this morning, and then stretch. I'm going to eat well and drink fluids-maybe throw a Nuun tablet into my water today. I may take Christmas Eve work out off and wasn't planning on a workout on Christmas-(unless I need to walk off some Christmas ham) and then get out for an easy walk/hike on the trails on Sunday.

So I just think I hit the line in over-training, and just need to think about and build in recovery days, just like I pencil in workouts.


  1. Hey - you can ask me girlie...I got really sick over the last day and a half. I haven't run a single mile since URINEO. I believe that my immune system was down and couple that with Beverly had a cold and the perfect storm was brewing. I hope to get out and run tomorrow if not tonight, but am not worried about the downtime. I have a 50k in 10 days, and another 50 miler 7 days after that so....

  2. Alright. You just amaze me. I like to run, but I CANNOT imagine running 50 miles PERIOD! OMG. So, I wanted to ask you, if I could feature you on my blog? I'd like to just email you a few interview-like questions, and post your responses on my blog as well as a picture. :) If your interested, send me an email at You can also check out my blog at Look forward to hearing from you!


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