Thursday, January 6, 2011

Kimba's Fat Ass

Since I have to work this weekend, I was having FOMO bad. (Fear of Missing Out). I was missing the Frozen Saquatch 50K, the Pittsburgh FA, and the Art Moore's Cleveland FA. Then I noticed I was off, January 6, my birthday. So I decided on a FA at Mohican.

I first meant to run 45 KM, but backed off that due to a 100K race Januaary 15. I want to do well at the 100K race, so I didn't want to overdue it with a 50K on January 1 and 27 miles on January 6.

16.3 miles was just right. Thanks Nancy, Dan, Cheryl, Chris, and Terri for sharing my birthday run with me!!!

Birthday cupcakes! Zero Calories!

Big Lyons Falls. A 12 or 14 foot stalagmite. This will be around for a few months!

Little Lyons Fall. This is the hand over hand climb up the roots.


  1. Happy Birthday Kim! It looks like you had a great celebration!

  2. awesome photos! looks like you had a very fun birthday outing. i can't think of a better way to celebrate than with friends+running+cupcakes+great scenery.
    best wishes as you prep for your upcoming race!


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