Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Splits from the Race

I am nothing but consistent:

Lap 1 54:45.00 12:15/M 4.470 54:45.00

Lap 2 56:11.95 12:34/M 8.940 1:50:56.95

Lap 3 1:01:43.90 13:48/M 13.410 2:52:40.85

Lap 4 1:04:16.10 14:23/M 17.880 3:56:56.95

Lap 5 1:04:24.15 14:24/M 22.350 5:01:21.10

Lap 6 1:06:58.90 14:59/M 26.820 6:08:20.00

Lap 7 1:09:03.55 15:27/M 31.290 7:17:23.55

Lap 8 1:09:51.70 15:38/M 35.760 8:27:15.25

Lap 9 1:15:07.80 16:48/M 40.230 9:42:23.05 Interestingly enough, I believe this is where nutrition started to go downhill...

Lap 10 1:23:07.25 18:36/M 44.700 11:05:30.30

Lap 11 1:25:49.25 19:12/M 49.170 12:31:19.55

Lap 12 1:25:53.95 19:13/M 53.640 13:57:13.50

Lap 13 1:25:08.45 19:03/M 58.110 15:22:21.95

Lap 14 1:22:02.60 18:21/M 62.580 16:44:24.55

It looks like the wheels fell off around Lap 9. This was where I realized I wasn't going to hit my 50 mile goal split. That might also been where my nutrition started to fall apart. But even in my slowing down, in Laps 11,12,13, I ran consistent.

A couple of things:
-These are all kind of just ruminations to myself. Typing it out makes me remember, then I do go back and reference these posts.
-Why on earth did I not bring my beloved Starbust Jellybeans? I'm pretty sure I could have stomached a few of those at a time, and would have gotten a little bit of sugar in me. That was dumb.
-I should have drank more sugar pop (soda for the rest of the world) earlier. In the last two loops, the pop went down just fine. Should have relied on that earlier.
-Wore my calf compression sleeves. No cramping in my left calf. But then, there was not that much elevation change either. I did eat banana portions on some loops through the AS.

My friend Steve left me a voice mail wondering about the course. I think it's a very nice course. But for someone attempting a first ultra, or maybe a first 100K, it's TOUGH!! Because of the loops. 14 chances to stop. That can be very tempting when a runner hits a low spot.

I was hoping for some ice skating today, but it's 37 degrees F here, so maybe just a guilt-free recovery day of doing nothing. Or maybe a recovery walk later if it gets warmer..

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