Thursday, February 3, 2011

In Search of Hills

I went over to Salt Fork State Park today, in search of a good hill run.

For some reason, this loop seemed much steeper driving it:

than running it.

The weather conditions were not that cold, it warmed up into the high 20's by the time I was done.

The problem was the ice. The last major snowstorm that came through only delivered rain in our area. Then the temperature dropped to 10 degrees, with a light snow. Consequently, this dirt road was a sheet of ice.

I kept trying to run in the rough snow, on the sides. The downhill and flats were not bad. The uphills were difficult, in that it was extremely slick. I could not have done this without the screwed shoes.

Yes, I wore my balaclava over my mouth the entire run. It wasn't so bad. I had no wheezing symptoms.
I happened along my section of the Buckeye Trail through here..

Gorgeous day to be outside. Great blue sky. I think this little loop dirt road could be a good training run once the ice melts.


  1. You are out there in all that winter has thrown at you - that's awesome!
    Love the photos. Beautiful scenes.

  2. This post makes me feel like a huge wimp. I complain if it's below 50 degrees. ;)


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