Friday, February 25, 2011

Reverse Ring Tomorrow!!

I've been getting my kit together for the Reverse Ring this coming weekend. The Reverse Ring is a roughly 71-mile counter-clockwise circuit of the Massanutten Trail, and it will be held this year on February 26-27.

This is a FA type event, with limited aid. There will be four Aid Stations out there-meaning probaly some lone poor person assigned to make sure all the runners get water replenished, some replacement calories, and perhaps a kind word or a heckle to get them to keep going.

Since there are only 4 AS, I've broken it down into what I think I can run, where I will be, to help plan out calories to bring along. We are also allowed one drop bag, which will be shuttled around the course for our use.

My breakdown of the four Aid Stations Planned:

Woodstock Tower Mile 14 0930 arrival   3.5 hours
Edinburg Gap Mile 22.4 1140 arrival  2.25 hours
Moreland Gap Mile 30.4 1400 arrival 4 hours
Crisman Road (maybe an Aid Stop) 36.8 mile. Not planning on it, to be on the safe side, so 15.5 miles between Moreland Gap and Camp Roosevelt.
Camp Roo 46.1 Miles 2000 arrival 7.5 hours
Camp Roo to Finish-Signal Knob Parking Lot 24.9 miles.  arrival 2000, finish 12 hours.

This is mainly to help me figure out calories between the planned Aid Stops. I do have a complete clothing change marked for Camp Roo, if needed. I also have several replacement tops and hats available if I become soaked through out there.

Start with 1 cup (~400 calories) MD in hydration bottle
Woodstock-replenish MD, add to bottle
Edinburg-replenish MD, add to bottle
Moreland-replenish MD, add to bottle. Also carry 2 cups MD to add

Also pick  up shortbread cookies, jellybeans at each from drop bag. 4 shortbread cookies= 320  calories.
1/4 cup jellybeans (1 serving)= 150 calories.
I also plan on drinking a Boost at Moreland Gap, and one at Camp Roo. I also have some Heath and Payday bars stowed.
It seems like a ridiculous amount of calories to be carrying around, but this is still experimenting. I would rather have the calories with me than to run into a deficit.
It looks like decent weather for running also. Hurray!!


  1. Good luck Kim. Hope you have a great time and FINISH!!

  2. Go get em Kimba!

    Jay from Raleigh

  3. Fueling is my top priority in a race. Sounds like a well thought out plan.
    Can't believe you're back for more rocks just 6 months after The Ring. I think it was Ingrid Bergman who said, "Happiness is good health and a poor memory." :)
    Whatever your secret is, happy trails!


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