Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Train Like You Race

It's been a good week of active recovery from the weekend training. Monday I walked two miles on the treadmill, just to help loosen up my quad muscles.
Tuesday the weather was mild, so I went out for a low key 4 mile run/walk around the block. I was just keeping it mellow, so  I both jogged and walked as I felt it.
This morning I went out for a 4.4 mile around the block. The weather was 33 F (and will get warmer as the day goes on, but I will be at work!). Amazing how a few degrees of warm can improve your attitude!
I experimented with some different hydration gear this morning. I placed two full 20 oz bottles in my Nathan Hydration vest, instead of the typical bladder. I wanted to see if the bottles would bounce. I also filled up another 20 oz bottle and carried that in my hand the full 4 miles.
Now of course I did not need 60 oz of fluid for a 4 mile run! The bottles in the vest were to see if that could work for me-that may be easier to swap out during my race. The hand held bottle will likely hold my nutrition. So I need to get used to carrying that bottle in my hand for hours on end.

The bottles in the pack did work out well, in fact there is more room in the pack since the bottles were at the very bottom. I'm going to consider bottles vs the bladder seriously for upcoming events. 86 days!

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