Thursday, February 10, 2011

Weekend Plans

I have a race this week. Well, it's a Fat Ass type of run. We're not supposed to talk about it. Kind of like Fight Club. Per the web site:

Who is Invited

Since this is a semi-invitational, here are some guidelines to help you determine if you are "invited". Actually, most of the following determines who is not invited.
  1. If you are even the least bit worried or concerned about getting lost, don't come.
  2. If you have questions, don't come.
  3. If you need a crew, don't come.
  4. If you need toilet paper to wipe your ass after shitting in the woods, don't come.
  5. If you expect to be pampered in any way shape or form, don't come.
  6. If you're a whiner, don't come.
  7. If you're a freeloader, don't come.
  8. If you're seeking fame and/or fortune, don't come.
  9. If you're thinking about writing a report about your experience at XXX, don't come.
  10. If you crave abuse, if you yearn for abuse, if you are addicted to abuse in any way shape or form (be it physical, mental, sexual, verbal, mathematical, artistic or whatevah) BY ALL MEANS, BE MY GUEST. (This applies to abusees only. Abusers are not welcome. The only abuser allowed is the trail.)
But since I'm a chatty runner/blogger I have to talk about it. I won't mention the name of it. It's just a very low-key, NO AID old school run.
I discovered NEO Trail Member Jim Harris was planning on running it. This coincided with my 4 day weekend from work, and I decided to come along for some of the fun. It's very hilly, with climbs up to 4000 feet to two separate Mountains. So, good training for me, to run 25 or 50 miles on the course.
Now, night before leaving town, we are still not sure who will be going from NEO Trail. One member was brought down by work obligations, another is still pending, depending on the flu.
I'm at the very "antsy" moment pre-run/race. Most of my stuff is packed. The weather reports are looking rather favorably. I haven't run in..two days..sufficient taper, as this weekend is just training for me.

It's new trail for me, since I haven't been here before. I hope to get back to town Monday and post some great pics of where I have been!
Now I need to go check the weather channel again..


  1. Don't forget your climbing shoes!

  2. Good luck on your secret race!! It sounds intense! :)

  3. have fun at the "race!"
    i love organized events with wacky we had around here was called the $2 Bill Race...that was your entry fee. Since they stopped printing $2 bills in Canada years ago, it was not easy to enter!!

  4. Loved the rules! I think I have the ultra mentality, just need to log the miles :) Can't wait to hear how it went.

  5. Love the rules. Gutsy person for Americans to say it out loud - hook me up:)


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