Monday, February 14, 2011

Weekend Training-Saturday

I had a very good training weekend in Virginia. This is the elevation profile on the trail we ran on Saturday. Biggest ascents and descents I have been on. Big Bald climb was the toughest, as it went up the steepest. From Camp Todd to the Little Bald Summit, it's about a three mile uphill, but much more gradual. I felt good running it. I finished up tired, but not whipped.

The weather was pretty decent also. About thirty-two or thirty-five starting out. Of course as we climbed it got colder, and we had some serious wind. As we climbed Big Bald, there were a few snow flurries. Of course, since we were climbing, there was some serious heating up going on, so there was kind of a balance between being over-heated and chilled all day long.

Mike Keller also joined us for the run on Saturday. We stayed together for the first twelve miles until he rolled an ankle and stopped to tape it.
It was interesting as we hit the summit of Big Bald, all of a sudden there was much more snow still on the ground. It didn't interfere, as there had been many other footprints going through the trail before me.

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  1. You felt good running The Wild Oak Trail? Girl, you are gonna kick booty at MMT 100!


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