Monday, March 7, 2011


I listen to a podcast by Bevan James Eyles. He is a group fitness expert with Les Mills Fitness, out of New Zealand. He is the co-host of a popular triathlete podcast, called IM Talk. He has also started a new podcast of his own, called Fitness Behavior, which I have found very interesting and rewarding.

Bevan's latest podcast was about content. What do you allow in your head throughout the day? What form of content do you listen to, are bombarded with, advertised to?

Then Bevan threw an idea out there. What if you used a 50/50 rule-figure out how much content your mind is subjected to-what you listen to on the way to work, TV and movies you watch, computer/game time. What if you took 1/2 that content, and replaced it with motivational/inspirational content that would help you with your fitness goals?

Almost right after my first ultra, I was off running for almost 3 months with an IT band issue-overtraining. During that time, I discovered podcasts to keep me motivated while not being able to run. I also sought out blogs and books.

I would say I probably do spend 50% of the content that I allow myself to be exposed to is fitness/training/health related. While I may be in the living room with my husband watching some TV or movie, I usually am reading a blog post or article on-line that is fitness-related.
I don't listen to the radio on my 30 minute commute. I listen to podcasts such as IM Talk, Fitness Behavior, Zen and the Art of Triathlon, The Dirtbag Diaries, Marathon Talk, Running with the Pack. Most of these are fitness or health related. Like last night, as I left work, I really didn't want to walk two miles on my treadmill. Just wanted to collapse in a chair. Well, by listening to Brett on his run, I had done the 180 and got home and did my scheduled workout.

I am always looking for new books to read and reread. I recently read (and reread) Vison Quest by Terry Davis. Yes, there was a movie based on the book. The book is much better. Even though it is more of a YA book, the story of Louden Swain training to beat his biggest nemesis and his coming of age, is very motivational. Currently I also have "Duel in the Sun" the book about the Boston Marathon of Salazar vs Beardsley.
I would also say I have reread lately "Running through the Wall: Personal Encounters with the Ultramarathon".  The book is helpful in that about 1/3 of the stories are about Massanutten 100 Trail Race.

Online, there is of course blogs and race reports to read, besides the time sucker FaceBook. I follow around 50 blogs, with at least 40 of those being runner/triathlete blogs. I use Google Reader, which is a blog aggregator. While I may read 50 blogs, maybe 15 of these blogs are active, where the blogger posts more than once a week. I don't have to spend any time clicking on each blog; Google Reader will bold the blog title if there is new content to read.

So think about your content, what you allow your mind to be filled with. Could you replace some of it with content that could be motivational/inspiration/helpful in your training?

And again, this is not original thought from me, this is all paraphrased from the Fitness Behavior Podcast,
 check it out!

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  1. Nice! And I just got my hands on a good book called Getting to the Point about a transcon run....looks to be good though I just started it.


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