Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Daffodil Run

Today, the temperatures were mild. I got out of work, in time to go for a little run on the neighboring roads, in search of early season daffodils.  This abandoned house just had to have daffodils around. As I approached the house, there was much movement and activitiy inside-I'm guessing raccoons. I didn't even get close to the door.

Sure enough, daffodils!

I will return in a few days for some better flowers in bloom.
I continued down the road to "Yellow Water Road"- really,the name of the road. I had an old ruin in mind. I was dismayed to see the ruins were, well, ruined by fire.

Here's what the ruins looked like in 2009:

 Yes, I found daffodils around the remains. I dug some up. They were just budding up, and not in bloom  yet.

On my run down Yellow Water Road, I noticed road over to my right. Although it was private property, I decided to take a chance and take a look-and a dig-at these daffs.

Not your normal daffs!I don't know what these are, at the moment, but it's a nice ruffled green and yellow.
As I got a good little handful of bulbs, I noticed two people, moving purposefully down their driveway at me. Busted! I decided to go with honesty, and hiked up their property to meet them.  "Hi Folks! I hope you don't mind me digging up your daffodils!"

After a few minutes, after I introduced myself as that crazy runner woman who rescues daffodils, they were okay with it. They said it was okay to come back and photograph the daffodils when they were in bloom.I ended up walking down the road and chatting with my neighbors. I learned what property they owned, and how many cows they had all over the place.
Home again, after an almost five mile run, with three daffodil location scored. I quickly got the bulbs planted in a handy big pot that was still out in the yard over-winter, will just wait to see if some of these bulbs are big enough to bloom this year!

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  1. Love your "Tales of the Trail Goddess"!!!! Just lucked upon it off daffnet! How do I get to read all of your adventures? I love your type of comments and ventures. Nancy Marrison of Maryville TN part of my life and Herndon VA the other half of my life with my daughter who lives there.


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