Friday, March 11, 2011

Good News Everyone!!

Well, actually 33.5 lbs but it's easier to find an image for a whole number.

Very pleased with my continued progress. I gained 5 lbs after the Reverse Ring-dutifully weighed in and recorded it-but didn't feel it was a "true" weight gain, just a matter of letting my body return to normalcy. So from last week, I lost seven pounds-but really, it was more like 2 pounds. But hey, I will take that!!

I've been "shopping" in my closet again. I've weeded out a bunch of bigger sized clothes. To my amazement, I found last year's little black dress. Some quick altering (it was tooo big!!!), and I've got my dress for the wine tasting event tonight!

Second good news was a RUN on the treadmill this morning. We took the dogs out early for the snow festivities, then I hopped on the treadmill. No tiredness, no feeling of sluggishness. Due to time constraints, stopped at 3 miles, but very happy to be back to running without the tired feeling!


  1. That's fantastic Kimba!! You are amazing. Glad your running is back to feeling good.


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