Thursday, March 10, 2011

Recovery Day

My little private road
Pouring rain

The yellow lab does not mind the rain. She is, in fact, happy that her pond is now hers again to swim in.

Gentle nagging from my friend "What will you do if it rains at MMT" got me out the door with the dogs. Raining, but 50 degrees out. Not bad. So after I took the dogs on their 1/3 mile hike, I just grabbed my Zune and went out to walk on the FAA road.

I'm glad I listened to Yoda; and listened to my body. The body was still struggling a bit on the uphills on the walk. The hour walk did stretch my legs out quite well.

I've done some house cleaning and have been lounging the rest of the day. Maybe I am getting smarter. (Maybe I am taking my friend's advice!! LOL)

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