Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Stealth Mohican Run

I ran at Mohican this morning, early. I ran by myself, for two reasons. One, was to keep my friend Terri on her taper schedule. I knew if I posted I would be running at Mo, she'd change her taper schedule and throw another long run in. So, Terri, if you read this, it was for your own good! (Terri is running the Umstead 100 on April 2.)

The second reason was I wanted to assess my running based on myself. When I run with others, you slow down or speed up when running with a group. I wanted to run at a very familiar area, and see how my running is going.
I was very pleased. The big hills didn't seem so big. Yes, I was walking up the big hills, but I wasn't out of breath at the top. I ran up many smaller hills and inclines that I used to automatically turn over into a walk. Glancing at the Garmin, my average running pace has decreased.
18.6 miles in for the day. Very happy with my progression.


  1. Sounds like a great run! Good job!

  2. Woo hoo!!! You are in great shape, Kimba!
    LOL that you had to trick your tapering friend. :)

  3. So that's why you didn't tell me you were coming to MO!!! I guess I should thank you!!! I'm being a good girl and tapering :) You are really kicking ass!!! Glad you enjoyed you run!!

  4. Hey, glad you weren't mad! I am glad you ARE being good and keeping to the taper! You're going to rip it up at Umstead. You will enjoy that running fast there!


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