Monday, March 7, 2011

Still Recovering

I had an 11 mile 'around the block' run planned today. I didn't make that goal. My quads are still tight darnit.
2 miles in, I kept thinking, well, I will get warmed up any time now. The legs are sluggish. Running downhill, only running an 11 minute mile!
Around mile 3, I had a decision to make. Turn right, and finish the 11 mile loop. Go forward, run a loop to the left and decrease the mileage.
I took the forward path and ran 7 miles. Glad I made that decision, the legs did not improve. I was running 13 minute miles-when I was running.
I'm rather frustrated because I don't think my legs should be this tight. All I did last week was walking. My mileage this week is going to be low because of our trip to Cinti for the wine-tasting weekend.
Thursday I had thought of going to Mohican and run a 50K there. With the way the legs feel, I think I will stay closer to home and do mileage on the Salt Fork Trails, and definitely stay off the roads.

1 comment:

  1. Be Smart and Patient.
    RR is no easy Ultra that you should bounce back from.

    Easy efforts until you are recovered.


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