Thursday, April 14, 2011

The Mountain in the Corner

The elephant in the room.

Or should I say, the mountain in the corner? It's been very quiet lately, behaving itself.
I've been tending to other matters, all related to the mountain in the corner, but not actively thinking about it.
I've been trying things out, like different food and new clothes, to see what will work for that mountain in the corner.

The Umstead 100 and The Barkley Marathons have been wonderful distractions over the last two weeks. Lots of race reports to read, smack talking via email and trail-I mean we can't talk about the mountain in the corner all the time.

Having a race last Saturday helped too. Although I did fret a bit that my 50K time has not decreased by much. I can say, the climbs were easy during that race, and my legs were not even sore for the start of the 50K on Sunday.
I'm fretting a bit on no long run for this upcoming weekend, although I will get some miles in trail marking, and I plan to climb Big Ass Hill and Gas Line Hill too.

This weekend is all about the Mohican runners and catering to them. That will help distract me from the mountain in the corner.

But I did pick up my manila folder labelled MMT. It contains the topo map, the website elevation map, 2010 runner splits, and my spreadsheet.

So after this Mohican weekend, it's backing to letting the mountain out of the corner.

In fact,the next weekend will be my last run on the MMT trails before the race-I am planning on attending the Chocolate Bunny, which is the last MMT training run. It's a night run on the MMT.

It's been kind of nice-a little stressful-giving the mountain in the corner some time off. It will soon be time to sharpen up and focus on that mountain again-after this Mohican weekend.


  1. Kim- you're physically ready, now you just have to fine-tune the mind. Only positive thoughts from here on out and visualize how your race is going to unfold (it never happens like I visualize, but it's still a good mental tool). I think mental preparedness is the #1 factor for success in 100-milers -- especially ones like MMT. You're ready to roll and I think you're going to absolutely kill it!

  2. You WILL kill it! Your MMT is the main ultra I plan on watching this spring to see how everyone does from our Ohio runners! You have been there so many times, you know there will be low times, and you know how to keep moving until they evolve back into positive trail vibe!!! You can finish this thing!!!

  3. Let the moutain come to you.


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