Friday, April 8, 2011

Race Packing

I love to race pack. I love my lists. Yes, I am an obsessive-compulsive runner, like many of us out there.

This is a special weekend because I'm running two 50K's, in two different states.

But at least I only need one list. Just times two.
I'm glad I started today, after checking the weather forecast. 62 F in PA and 75 F in Ohio??? It's singlet and shorts/skirts.
So I start trying on shorts and running skirts. I'm glad I did, because there is now a discarded pile...too big. And unlike tops, which if too big is just fine, running skirts and shorts tend to slide down. I have to make sure I have good clothes for MMT, so this was a good chance to sort clothing.

Other considerations is the fuel for the weekend. The Glacier Trail Ultra is a race with actual aid stations every 4 or 5 miles, so there is no need to tote alot of nutrition. This will kind of be a treat for me, because  I haven't run anything in months where an AS was less than 10 miles apart.
I will be carrying and using both my plain malto dextrin and using Sustained Energy. The malto is proven to work, and I've only used the SE on a short run, just to see how I could tolerate it.
Sunday's race is a bit more FA-style, with just some water and limited aid on the "Forget the PR" 50K course. I plan on stashing some food of my own in the Covered Bridge area, just so I have enough calories to get through it.

Other packing: breakfast items (oatmeal, cranberry juice), some Heed, post race clothes, sleeping bag stuff, towel, laptop, camera, and BEER.
I'm looking forward to some guilt free eating also. I'm envisioning eating an entire pizza while driving from PA back to Ohio. I can't wait!!!

Oh, and the beer? Dogfish Head 60 minute.


  1. Oooooh, have a great time! ;)

  2. Rock the double Kimba! Wish I was in the boat for this know why I can't...yet. LOL


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