Thursday, April 21, 2011

Spring, Finally

It has finally greened up here in Ohio. I guess we call it spring. The temperature hasn't really co-operated with us yet, although I started today's run in a very nice 60 degrees.

This was both a daffodil rescue operation and a trail run. The daffs were no problem to find, but it seemed like I waited one week too long for optimum pictures.
This former..building is on a road to Salt Fork. And of course there are daffodils around!

I travelled further down the road, then hopped on a trail to locate these daffodils. It's a good thing I am a trail runner, because I had to bushwhack off the trail to get to this spot. 

It seems many of the daffs in this area are of this variety. It seems to be a ruffled variety. Most of the daffs were post bloom, and the heavy rains of yesterday had most of the blooms beaten down.

After I screwed around for awhile digging up various plants, I finally decided I need to run, not dig. So I got about four more miles in on some muddy trails before I used up my free time allotment, and headed to the grocery store.

I was amazed when I exited the store, the temperature had dropped about ten degrees and the wind had kicked up. I had nailed the perfect time on this spring day for a trail run!

With "Forget the PR" 50K now under wraps, it is back to focus on the dance on the rocks from here out!

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  1. Oh, lucky you!! Hiked Mt. Sunapee last weekend and the only way you could find spring through the snow were the vast rushing rivers that are mere streams in the summer. I envy your daffodils! We've at least got some crocuses so I've got some hope... :-)


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