Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Sunday Race: Not the 50K

After I finished the 50K on Saturday, I headed straight over to Loudonville and my friend Terri's house, who graciously let me crash there. That was a much better idea than going home between races.
Sunday's race was the Race Director's Race. This is where Rob Powell, the RD for "Forget the PR' 50K lets his volunteers run the race the weekend before. Buckles are given for finishes, and food and beer afterwards.
We had a good showing and we were off. I chatted briefly with Paul and Slim, and then let the pack get ahead of me. I was a bit tired and still on the calorie deficit side.
I've run this loop before and had an enjoyable time. It seems like there are more and more trees cut due to new natural gas wells on part of this course. I know we need the energy, but I do love my woods.
Ron Dukes was our volunteer rolling AS, and it was good to see him at each point. My friend Cheryl was only a few minutes ahead of me, but it just seemed like I could not catch her.
The temperatures were in the 80's at Mohican on Sunday, although with the high wind it did not feel that warm. As I finished my first loop, I decided to change plans and just do the big hills on the first 4 miles of the course and call it a day.
With that DNF from the 50K in mind, I caught up to Paul, who had run the Barkley the weekend before. Paul had run one loop and a bit of Loop Two, so it was much fun to hear all about his experiences.
As we started up Big Ass Hill, Paul demonstrated his strong hill climbing and ran up the hill to Cheryl and my astonishment. (Note to self: climbing is the Barkley training element).
I completed gas line hill, and was topping out Big Ass Hill, and then came across Gombu and Slim. They too, had eschewed finishing the 50K, and were just playing now. They were "heading back" to where lunch was being served, but just not following any trail. I was very happy to join my fellow NEO TC friends, and we got some trail time in together.
Once back at the race start/finish, there was beer, pizza, and lasagna. Sitting out in the first warm weather we have had in months, and relaxing and talking with friends..priceless!

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