Tuesday, May 24, 2011


This didn't take long. I'm itching for a new challenge. I have no races planned, just 12 Hours of Big Bear Lake in July. But I want to do something!!! I don't know what, but something!!!

Something challenging, and epic. It doesn't even have to be an organized event. I need to look at my work schedule. I have a few ideas spinning, I do not know if anything will come to fruition, but I need to do something!


  1. Maybe just plan something at the moment.
    Full recovery is in order, before anything epic again.
    Get your rest, eliminate the deep fatigue, and then you can have your next adventure.
    Although Laurel with the boys may be quite the adventure.

  2. Hey Kim, This is Paula from WVMTR. Julie, Greg and I are thinking about trying the Cheat Mtn Moonshine Run this year, maybe you can jump in on this one.

  3. Come do the bighorn 50 miler. Apparently, they have bacon.


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