Sunday, May 29, 2011

Back to FOMO

Reading Facebook before work this morning, it seemed like everyone (except Mike Keller) was having epic long weekend party runs. And while I am not envious of that (it is my weekend to work, can't change that) it made me restless again for a long run..or race.
So I consult and see the West Virginia Ridge Runner Marathon is June 4. It's in Cairo, WV, which is just outside of Parkersburg, and I could drive to in around 1.5 hours.
I ask the husband about it, and since it's a day trip, he says okay.
Then I keep thinking about it. It's a 'road' race and should I be running a road race? Just because it's there? Is it too soon to go for a long run after MMT?
I decide to not bug Slim with a training question like this, and think, well, what about running to Gnadehutten and back here...on the roads. But that's not tripping my trigger either.
Well, maybe a marathon in Salt Fork? But would I do it? Would I just cut the mileage short?

Okay, if I am willing to drive 1.5 hours for a long run, what about MOHICAN????

Not the "new course" not the 2011 course..because I actually don't know what the new course is.

I'm thinking about old school, old Blue Loop, old Red-Green section...maybe I won't even venture up the old "new" Red, instead, take the creek bed which was the "old" Red start, with the bigger climb.

And then maybe, at Bridle Staging, venture down the "Yellow" and "Blue" horse bridle trails, to see where those will take me.With Mohican trails not being focused as training for the Mohican 100, I feel free to wander where I may.

Okay! I feel better! Long run scheduled for Friday or Saturday!

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  1. :(

    Sad because "not Mike Keller" but happy because things SHOULD be getting better, and I will then have a good summer and fall (I hope!!!)

    I am making plans for a run at you know what in October...and a few have SOMETHING to plan for!


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