Saturday, May 7, 2011

Drop Bag Packing

I've been sorting and getting ready to pack my drop bags for MMT.

MMT is basically a point to point course. So once you've passed your drop bag at a certain AS, that's it. You better not need anything down the trail from it.

Myself, like many, have their drop bags planned out. Many of my drop bags only involve my dry powder of MaltoDextrin and baby wipes. Other bags I have added a special "treat" of something that is packable and can grab to eat on the go, like cashews and jelly beans (note to self: must still pack jelly beans.)
I have a few containers of cranberry juice in some bags. For me, it's easy to swill down and can help work against getting a UTI out there in your dehydrated state. Not something new to try on race day!  The cranberry juice tartness can also be a nice change of pace from the sweeter fluids at AS.
I have a few tops thrown into drop bags at Veach Gap and Habron. These may get used, maybe not. Sometimes it just feels good to get filthy smelly clothing off and something fresh on.
I have socks in various drop bags but do not plan on changing.
I have long sleeve shirts, gloves, hat in both the Camp Roo and Gap Creek drop bags, in case the temperature drops. After Habron, I will have crew, so my crew (Jill) will be able to grab those drop bags and have items ready for me.
I have my lists ready, and items will get ticked off as they are packed. All clothing gets put into food storage bags and sealed, then placed into the larger drop bag. That is how you guarantee your socks will be dry when you need them!


  1. Go Kim go! I can't wait to read your race report after you complete this grand adventure.

  2. I need to prep like that!!!
    Good Luck out there!


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