Sunday, May 22, 2011


Nope, not about my race, just for not posting any thing this week!

My free time, despite NOT running at all, seemed just sucked away.
Tuesday, I worked. I probably should not have, I was just exhausted and eating everything in sight.
Wednesday was my day off and I pretty much spent it on the couch. I did take the dogs out for their hike, and the legs felt pretty good.This was when the chest cold settled in.
I worked Thursday and Friday. We got some of the garden planted on Friday, then the rest planted Saturday, then went up north for Lloyd Thomas' birthday party.
Today is "get the yard under control day". And maybe a run?  My cold has kind of subsided in my chest. I would dearly love to run/walk my 10K route-since I was gone last weekend, the landscape here has just exploded in greenery.
Well, the yard work is first priority, and then the housework. Did I mention I have yet to unpack my dropbags?

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