Wednesday, May 11, 2011


I have received many many well wishes and good lucks this week, and the last few months. It seems like the whole NEO trail community is standing behind me.
It's very very gratifying, and a bit overwhelming at the same time. Tanya Cady called (we were out) and left me such a cheerful, wonderful message, I got choked up just listening to it.

I finally got around to realize I might be running on the MMT course with some of my friends! I've been so focused on getting everything together, and what and where "I" will be, I didn't think about the fact that I might get to share trail with old friends. Having someone to talk to for a few miles is always helpful. I am not planning on running with anyone, and will run my own race, but knowing that I do know a bunch of folks out of the course will be nice.

So thank you all, for your well wishes. I plan to represent well this weekend at Massanutten.

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  1. Good luck!! If you want company for a few miles out of Roosey, let me know!



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