Monday, May 9, 2011


There are 18 Buckeyes towing the starting line for the 2011 MMT, two females from Ohio. Out of the 203 entrants, there are 25 women. The average age is 44.

I am Bib # 125.

The training is done. The resting has become. It of course, is not easy. Yes, the rest. I am antsy and easily distractible.I haven't done some of the traditional tapering traditions yet-buying things online-! but I still have time.

I am antsy.Did I mention that? I only checked the weather channel 6 times from work today.

Tuesday ( I work all day Monday) I will get my drop bag contents packed up and items ticked off list. I will also get my "stuff" that I will take with me race weekend together-sleeping bag stuff, race clothes & gear, food items, what ever else I need for my MMT weekend.

I have been training for this race since last September. I ran The Ring, Labor Day Weekend. This was homework prep for MMT. This was actually just to see if I would actually like the MMT Trail, which I had been hearing for years about, via NEO Trail Club.

We ran the Bird Knob section on Friday, prior to The Ring Saturday. Rocky.

Yes, the trail goes right up through the rocks. Now, the MMT Trail is NOT all rocks. There are some sections with less rocks, and in the MMT Trail 100, there are even road sections,  usually leading to an Aid Station.
Great views from the ridge line, although I won't be looking for these during the race. In fact, I won't carry the camera during the race, that's too much time screwing around. Which is why these pics are from The Ring last fall:

Signal Knob-it is NOT on the MMT Trail 100 course, yippee!!

Base of Waterfall Mountain-the MMT 100 course does not go up Watefall Mountain this year (whew)

I don't plan to spend time admiring these views. Keep my head on the trail in front of me.

Oh, and the weather? Today it's Monday, as I finish the post, high of 79, low of 54 in Virginia.

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