Monday, May 2, 2011


PR-or personal record-today.

I ran my 11 mile "around the block" run. It takes me up and down hills, up on the ridge line, through the Amish neighborhood.

The run started out chilly, and I wore tights and long sleeve woolen top, as it was about 58 degrees. It did warm up as the run progressed, so I thought good! A little heat training!

I ran at my normal effort level, just an easy run. But I did run many more of the smaller hills. Many many more. They were "easy" to climb these days.

I PR'd my course by 8 minutes. I was very pleased with my effort level. I did not try to "race it" or push harder, just regular running. The weight loss and consistent training has paid off. I feel very good!

This is my third straight day of journalling all my food and activity for Weight Watchers. We had lunch out today, due to errand running.

My WW "points" for the day are 29 points.
My grilled chicken sandwich (with mayo, I should have asked for mustard instead) and fries were 23 WW Points.
My activity points, which I "earn" with physical activity, came to 24 points. So I did pay off my lunch out-I did enjoy those fries!

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