Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Repeating the Fundamentals

I like to read articles about training, and Endurance Corner is a nice website with articles written by various pro athletes.

One excerpt I liked from this article, by Gordo Byrn:

The Five Steps that directly impact performance:
  • The degree of internal/external harmony in your motivation and capacity to execute;
  • Creating a habit of daily action towards your goal;
  • Get the weight off and/or enhance recovery through nutrition;
  • Create the capacity to perform more work; and
  • The emotional maturity to stay the course and deliver results.
You'll see that there isn't a single protocol mentioned above. That's because your protocol DOES NOT MATTER unless it is supported by a habit of personal excellence.
You'll also see that, for athletics, you probably should tackle those steps in order. Looking at it another way:
  • Figure out why and create harmony to execute the how;
  • Do something daily;
  • Get the weight off;
  • Lift your work rate and total work completed; and
  • Learn how to deliver in training, then in racing.

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