Thursday, May 5, 2011

Successful Journalling

I did journal the last six days, every bite, and every activity. Results? Loss of 4 lbs. That puts me at 35.5 lbs gone. I really want to lose one more pound before MMT, as that would be put at 159, a decade I have not seen in five years.

I'm going to continue to try and journal through the next six or seven days, even though there are some planned restaurant trips out. It's so hard to try and guesstimate, although Weight Watchers does have an extensive library of points of food items.

I have to  give a shout out to fellow ultra runner and VHTRC member Brittany. She wrote a great post about being strong, and feminine:

"And the traditional idea of being  feminine is actually very unsexy to me compared to my new idea. Confidence rocks. Which is a reason why I'm cutting off all my hair this week. I'm going to rock a pixie cut starting this Friday, something I've been wanting to do for months. I think that, on young women, it oozes confidence and defies traditional notions of sex appeal and femininity--something that I think I'm ready for."

But go over to her blog, and read the whole entry:  My tattoo isn't pretty and I don't care  She rocks!!

The final entrants list is posted for the Massanuttten 100 Trail Race. I am # 125.

I ran around the block today, (to help with that planned dinner out) in 44.07.  That is about 1.5 minutes faster than before. Another confidence booster!

Oh, and lastly, I plugged my height and weight into one of those stupid BMI calculators. I am now merely overweight; I have moved out of the obese category. I think those BMI calculators are a bunch of crap, especially if you are muscular, but hey, now I'm not obese! Rock on!

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