Thursday, May 26, 2011

Two Surprises

I got out for a 10K around the block here. I really wanted to go to the woods, but were waiting on the mechanic to call us back about our vehicle.
So I went off on my around the block. It's mainly a dirt road, so it's more like trail than most people get.
First surprise-there is a hill, that I have labored up, in the past. This hill was very easy to walk up today. Yes, still walking it, but, it's just not that big anymore. So goal for this summer? Run UP the hill.

Second surprise-dogs at the top of the hill. I spotted one, sleeping. So I cleared my throat and said hello. He stood up and barked. The second dog didn't even get up. They usually run over and get in my way, today they were content to stand in their yard and bark. I guess they are finally used to me.

I have decided to accept recovery and not fight it. I'm going to just take it easy, eat properly, and rest, and run when I feel like it. I just read a couple articles on line about recovery, and will try to find them again and post links. So maybe that is actually three surprises, I will be smart about recovery!

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