Wednesday, May 25, 2011


I stepped on the scale this morning and pleased to see I am back to my pre-MMT weight.
Which you can look at from two directions: You can run a 100 mile race and not gain any weight.You can also run a 100  mile race and NOT lose any weight!
If you are running ultras for weight loss, it probably is not going to happen.
I did not journal well this week (it's hard to figure points for homemade lamb/rice stuffed grape leaves!!) but am determined to do so this WW week. I work this holiday weekend, which usually helps with weight loss, since I only eat what I bring.
I still need/want to lose another 12 pounds. This may be easier since I am not currently stressing my body with long runs-for now!

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  1. Kim, dearest. I just looked up MMT results (I know, I am late), and then wandered to read your report. The moment I saw those results, I was so thrilled! Holly cow, you are so right - not only you finished, you did it in a freaking awesome time! Way to go, girl! Breakthrough, indeed! So happy for you.
    As for weight - bongo. I gained 2 lbs when started running (average). I dropped 10 this year, and need another 10. Yep, if you think running will keep/make you slim, think again:)
    Rock on!

    olga - blog is glitching with log in


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