Thursday, June 2, 2011


I love my 10K route around the block. It's on back country dirt roads. No traffic. The dogs all know me now.

My dog had surgery yesterday, so there are no long runs out of town this weekend. I was happy to do my 10K around the block. Great weather.

This graphic is courtesy of Eric Grol:

This is his explanation of the graph:

The graphics show what i called "arrival place percentile," which means what position within the field did you arrive at each aid station.   A high number is good, so Mr. Meltzer would be at 100% for the whole race, since he arrived at each aid station first.  

The X axis is the Aid Station Number. (Or maybe it is the Y...)

I was really tickled by this graphic, since it does show I was steady-steady-steady; then around mile 40, I started picking people off. I then picked up crew and pacer, Jill and Bradley, at Habron, and we really went to town after that.

Okay, I will finally say it, smart pacing on my behalf!!  It was not really intentional, except for that uphill at the beginning where I didn't see what everyone was all fired up about-and then Short Mountain in the dark, I just wanted to get familiar with the rocks again. Intentional or  not, it WORKED and I am going to finally take credit for it.  Pacing yourself and not getting overheated got me way farther and ultimately faster to the finish line than quite a few runners.

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