Thursday, June 30, 2011

Hello Mojo Good Riddance to June!

The training mojo is back!

I am glad to be done with the month of June. I was sick, my dog had surgery, has been diagnosed with cancer, I had dental surgery twice.  I was getting exhausted just working my normal shifts at work.I am up a few pounds with stress and not caring.

I had a good run around the block today. I listened to a podcast on the Barkley and was actually thinking about that race for 2012 again. I haven't been exhausted at the end of my work shifts.

It doesn't hurt also that I am on the first day of six days off work-yeah!  We are having house guests, and the dog is going to the specialty vet today, so my running schedule is staying  very flexible.

I am going to Mohican Friday afternoon to run with Rob Powell, on some blessed trails. We are meeting at the Covered Bridge at 5pm, if anyone is interested.

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